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New Batcave for Person of Interest




Because the beloved Library is no more, I’ve been thinking about what would be an adequate new home for Team Machine.  And you know what?  Abandoned Victorian subway station.  Seriously, it’s underground and away from Samaritan’s prying eyes; it’s probably very secure; it’s got enough space for everyone’s stuff (and for Shaw to set up a triage space, because seriously, why didn’t the Library have that?); and its mouldering, decayed glory would be 100% in keeping with the aesthetic of the show.

I want my subway station.

I’ve already postulated that when JC talked about them going “underground” this season that he actually meant that literally—the title sequence had him and ME by tunnels somewhere, and I would not at all be surprised if they became “sewer rats” this season.

We were chatting about this recently on the Person of Interest Discussion Forum. This is my theory of what the new “Batcave” will be - an abandoned NYC subway station, modeled after the real life, art deco Old City Hall Subway Station in New York City.

It looks very “Finch”-like to me - and has tons of possibilities for secret rooms and tunnels for our Heroes to fan out into the city without being seen by Samaritan





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