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Happy Father Day Jim Caviezel, Sr. -Jim Jr. with his Dad and brother Tim at a basketball game, playing basketball in Washington and as a child.

From Jim, Jr.’s 2000 interview on his role in Frequency- a great father/son movie:

"I chose to do that film right after I’d done "Thin Red Line." Maybe 10 months prior to reading the script, my dad had open-heart surgery. I was so scared. I love him so much. The void inside my soul was tremendous. ‘What if my dad dies?’ I remember saying to him before he went in, ‘I’m scared.’ He said (The Thin Red Line hadn’t come out yet), ‘Well, just know I want to see that movie. And if my soul gets taken I’ll make sure and ask the Lord if I can stay just a while longer so I can see it. But, if I can’t then you know where I’m at, because if you don’t, then everything I’ve taught you doesn’t mean a thing.’ I used that image of my father in the movie, and my belief in Christ and knowing that if he was taken from me that I know he is with God.” 

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