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POI 30 Day Challenge- Day 20- Your Headcannon (something you believe to be true): I believe that Finch originally went to New Rochelle to determine why Jessica’s ‘number’ kept coming up by The Machine. He went to investigate and also to try to help Jessica from any further victimization/domestic violence from Peter. He may have also followed Peter’s car after he loaded Jessica’s limp body into the car to stage the car accident. Finch must have tried to save Jessica and was also part of a car accident that caused him to suffer serious back & neck injuries. He also feels guilty about Jessica, just like Reese. He regrets this deeply, this is also why he had been watching Reese for so long and created a job to help the other irrelevants.

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    Wow. That is some impressive headcanon. I would not be surprised if this was actually part of the backstories.
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