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Yes, I do. There are far too many bad people in this world, and not enough good. I knew a detective once, she was the best cop I ever knew, never lost sight of good and evil. I couldn’t save her. (voice cracking). Now this job is dangerous, you think I am too, so be it. Maybe that makes me unfit to be a cop. If I don’t save these people, nobody else will. By

Detective John Riley, SE, 405, Prophets speaking to Dr. Iris Campbell


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Behind the Scenes with Jim Caviezel

My friend RegularPOI has given me authorization to post some of her fantastic behind the scenes close-up photos she took on set on Friday, Oct. 17 during the filming of both S4, E10 - The Cold War.  

More of her pics and descriptions of the day (as well as hundreds of other BTS pics for each episode) can be found on the Person of Interest Discussion Forum HERE 

Awesome, thanks for sharing