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Jim & Michael discuss “football” loyalties on Live! Kelly and Michael Show

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RECAPO of Jim Caviezel on Live with Kelly and Michael


Kelly & Michael: Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel came by to talk to Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan about his hit show Person of Interest. I’ve never actually seen the show, but I’ve heard it’s really good. It seems like an intense kind of crime thriller with a lot of twists in it.  He actually picked Kelly & Michael both up when he came in, which was amazing. Kelly grabbed her mints when he came out. “You never know when a tall, dark and handsome stranger is gonna sweep you off your feet,” Kelly said.

Kelly & Michael: Jim Caviezel Sports

Caviezel is originally from Washington and is a Seahawks fan, which we all know is a huge problem for Michael. His brother-in-law works for the Cowboys though. That could be a huge problem for them, but they still get along. “He’s from Washington too, you know,” Caviezel said.

Caviezel played basketball for 17 years. Where he grew up, you either work or play basketball in the summer. Then he went to Hollywood and decided he didn’t want to play anymore. “It was really tough,” he said.

Kelly & Michael Jim Caviezel Jimmy Stewart

Caviezel’s biggest influence was Jimmy Stewart. He actually got to meet him. He was a waiter and had around $300 at the time. He was told very specifically that he would be fired if he talked to any movie stars. He had applied to the naval academy three times, but was thinking about trying again and giving up on acting because it wasn’t working out. Then he saw Stewart and decided it was worth getting fired over, so he talked to him. They had a long conversation. Stewart was a brigadier general. Stewart saw that he was getting fired, then told him to make good movies. He went to Stewart’s house every few months to say hello after that and even went to say goodbye to him while he was making The Thin Red Line, which was his big break. Stewart died while he was making it. Cabiezel gave him a card and thanked him. He has It’s a Wonderful Life on his mantle at home.

Kelly & Michael: Person of Interest Review

The clip of Person of Interest showed Caviezel about to get arrested, but the cop realized who he was. He’s not filing a report though, because it wasn’t his weapon. Person of Interest is actually shot in New York. The cops must love him. There could be 50,000 people watching though, which seems unnerving to me. “At least they’re fans of the show,” he laughed. But there are people who want you to mess up. Plenty of people walk through the set because they don’t care it’s blocked off and have somewhere to be. “I give them a kiss usually,” he said.

Caviezel talked about his stunts. Michael joked he had a stuntman, and brought him out. Caviezel had some injuries such as a broken jaw and fractured head when he was a kid. The season premiere of Person of Interest will air on September 23 2014 on CBS.

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