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Reese is watching you. Will you be watching them? Only 2 days until the premiere!

Meet Team Machine 2.0 ~~ From S3 to S4  ~ The World Has Changed

Inspired by - CBS-POI-News ~~ 2 More Days

Samaritan is in full force watching everything and everyone, and Team Machine is its ultimate target. Reese, Finch, Root and Shaw are forced to leave their old lives in the past and take on new undercover identities chosen by their trusted ally, The Machine. With their survival on the line, will Team Machine 2.0 learn to live in plain sight?

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"There's a rumor about this guy.
The police just call him THE MAN IN A SUIT.
No one's seen his face, no one knows his name.
I'm not even sure he exists.
But he's like something out of a comic book.
When people are in trouble, he comes out of nowhere.
He always seems to be there just in time.
And whoever he is, he saves a lot of lives.
And he shoots a lot of kneecaps."