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Jim filming in the West Village today

The Man In A Suit walks on by, along with the TMZ Tour bus sign…..

BTS for SE407, Honour Among Thieves

(from instagram, all credit to yoann1)

Give Me My Remote Interview & Story

More spoilers for POI, Season 4, new characters, old characters, Bear, The Library, The Machine, Samartian

Shaw & Reese, true to form, like sharks, have to keep swimming in order to survive. They’re not house cats.

Fusco learns to get some game.

Finch has really strong reservations about seeing our guys ever again. Root is an interesting character who bridges these two entities.

Michael’s reasons to watch POI tonight

(from Direct TV-instagram)

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Final countdown Season 4 Premiere [12 HOURS REMAINING] - Favourite Relationship —> John Reese + Harold Finch, Person of Interest

[Reese-TM] “I know you’ve got your rules, but I’m guessing they don’t account for everybody being dead. No one answering your phone calls, no one saving anyone. No contingency…do the math and figure out a way to bend your rules, ‘cause he’s my friend. He saved my life. Understand? And I won’t do this without him.”