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SPOILERS for Deus Ex Machina (S3, E23)  !! 

From TV Guide:

  • Now that Decima has Samaritan up and running, the Battle of the Machines is on! Add in Vigilance’s team of anti-surveillance crusaders and you’ve got a powder keg waiting to explode. "What’s the most chaotic thing that could possibly happen in New York City to bring all these parties together? That’s where we’re headed, executive producer Greg Plageman says.  That chaos will be harder to anticipate now that the government has shut down its stake in the Machine. "They’ve turned off their one way of dealing with large-scale terrorist attacks," co-creator Jonathan Nolan says. ”When you turn the lights off, nothing good happens out in the dark.” And even though surprising alliances will be formed in the finale, Finch may lose his anonymity for good. “Is the world about to learn who Harold Finch is and what he’s done? That’s a big part of our season finale,” Nolan says.
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Some more great POI S3 promotional pics of Michael, Kevin & Amy

(credit to S at imshhb on twitter)

Those guys are so good, ♥ i wish there was even Taraji and Sarah pictures. :/

Me too, they have been releasing them in piece meal fashion, which makes no sense to me. These look like they were taken at a photo shoot at SDCC 2013, Sarah attended, but unfortunately, Taraji did not. I hope they took pictures of ALL- someway/somehow, and release the rest of them soon. Season 3 is almost over.