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What's your favorite Rinch moment (or moments, if there are several)? Why?


The Hotel choke hold in The Pilot

The under the tunnel in the park scene in The Pilot

The “I built it” scene in The Pilot.

The bench under the bridge scene in The Pilot.

IFT heart eyes scene in Ghosts

The rescue in the hotel in Ghosts

The robbery rescue in Mission Creep

The “Thank You” scene in Judgment

The sniper rifle scene in Foe.

The rescue hug in Number Crunch.

Bump Key scene in Super.

Suit tailoring scene in Risk.

The Grace conversation in No Good Deeds.

The Rescue clinch in Bad Code

The DATE under the Umbrella in Proteus

The hallway scene in Critical.

Rooftop in Dead Reckoning.

The Heart Eyes in God Mode.

The rescue at the warehouse in Mors Praematura.

The rescue in The Devil’s Share.

The Rescue in Alethia

Reconciliation in 4C

The Bow- tie Date in Provenance.

The Umbrella date in Provenance.

The “he’s gorgeous” scene in Provenance.

Harold seeing Reese in RAM.

Heart Pat in Allegiance.

The “sorry Finch” scene in Most Likely to.

My favorites would be Bump Key scene in Super,Suit tailoring scene in Risk, & The rescue in the hotel in Ghosts,