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POI 30 Day Challenge- Day 24 -Actor/Actress you want a a guest star: I would like to have Henry Cavill to be a re-occurring Guest Star like Zoe. This would re-unite The Count of Monte Cristo with his son, and also continue with the modern day Super Hero theme. Reese is a modern Batman and Cavill is playing Superman. And Henry is all grown-up. He could be someone Reese guided/saved in his CIA past.

POI 30 Day Challenge- Day 20- Your Headcannon (something you believe to be true): I believe that Finch originally went to New Rochelle to determine why Jessica’s ‘number’ kept coming up by The Machine. He went to investigate and also to try to help Jessica from any further victimization/domestic violence from Peter. He may have also followed Peter’s car after he loaded Jessica’s limp body into the car to stage the car accident. Finch must have tried to save Jessica and was also part of a car accident that caused him to suffer serious back & neck injuries. He also feels guilty about Jessica, just like Reese. He regrets this deeply, this is also why he had been watching Reese for so long and created a job to help the other irrelevants.

Day 10, POI 30 Day Challenge- Favorite Humorous Scene: There were so many. Some favorites are: Ghosts-elevator scene- then call a good divorce lawyer, Finch-Don’t you knock?; 1x4-Reese & Lionel in the bathroom; Super-Finch-Use the Cushion; Root Cause- Bring a empty water bottle, there are no bathrooms on stakeouts; Baby Blue- Reese-Really?? & Reese face palm; Identity Crisis- Finch on ecstasy!!

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Day 6- Person of Interest - 30 Day Challenge-A Quote You Like

POI has so many great quotes, these are some of my favorites:


Finch: About that, I don’t like firearms very much.

Reese: Well neither do I. But if someone has to have them, I’d rather it was me.


Jessica: I waited for you.

Reese: I didn’t ask you to.

Jessica: No. No, you didn’t. You just left because you thought you’d get killed over there and that would hurt me. But I think the truth is that it was easier for you to be alone.

Reese: That’s one of the things you learn over there. in the end we’re all alone and no on’s coming to save you.


Reese: Good Morning Finch.

Finch: Don’t you knock?

Reese: Not if I can help it.


Finch: Do we even know why he’s such a mess? He’s got a job, pretty girlfriend, good service record-he’s throwing it all away. He’s going to end up in prison, or dead.

Reese: You’re right, but…not every solider meets a reclusive billionaire.

Cura Te Ipsum, 1x4

Benton: No, because..I can see inside, that you’re a-a good person. You’re a good man.

Reese: Good? I lost that part of myself a long time ago. I’m not sure if I can find it. I’m not sure it matters anymore. Maybe it’s better this way. Maybe it’s up to me to do what the good people can’t. Maybe there are no good people..maybe there are only good decisions. Help me make a good decision.

Judgement 1x5:

Finch: Have the Eggs Benedict Mr. Reese. I’ve had them many times.

Fix 1x6:

Finch: You know, before we— before I found you, the numbers haunted me. I never felt so helpless in my entire life. And I know I can’t get justice for all of them, but the possibility of having just one.

Day 5, Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge- Favorite POI- My favorite POI is Root/Dr. Turing, (I’m sure we do not know her real name) for S1. She is my favorite for her intellect, commitment at all costs by directly challenging Finch and not letting him win without a real fight, after he won Round 1 in Root Cause (1x13). She is a villain that was underestimated by Team Finch & Reese. She really doesn’t consider Reese as her real challenge, or as having anything that she wants, but she considers Finch as the challenge that she wants, along with The Machine. It is a challenge that Finch & Reese will conquer!!

Day 4, Person of Interest 30 Day Challenge- How did you discover Person of Interest? I actually discovered it by accident, I saw the promo for a Ghosts episode (re-run in November), it seemed interesting and I like to see some kick ass. I recognized Michael Emerson from The Practice and thought I would check it out. Normally, I do not watch much TV/fandoms do to, too many hours at work. Well, I enjoyed the story, the characters and the kick-ass. Now, I am hopelessly addicted, but I love it.